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Painted Branch


My YouTube videos are always FREE to watch. I have videos on everything from how we started our journey, to how we stay motivated, to how we cut expenses and offer tons of frugal tips, tricks, and recipes! You can find out all about our life on the debt-free journey and beyond!


The #debtfreecommunity on Instagram has been a huge source of motivation for us on the debt-free journey and beyond! It's where I started sharing our story! You will find hundreds of posts documenting our journey, the success and struggles we've faced, and real money numbers from grocery budgets, to debt payoff, to savings goals, to life with kids, and more.


Other Resources

The Simply Frugal e-Cookbook Coming Soon!! 

I'm currently working on creating an entire cookbook of my favorite frugal and zero food waste recipes! These recipes are all super easy and practical and will help empower you to be resourceful with leftovers, stretch ingredients, and save tons of money by decreasing food waste. Follow me on Instagram to find out when it launches!