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Painted Branch
Painted Branch

Hello! I'm Angela (aka: Debt Kickin' Mom). Most of you already know me from Instagram and YouTube where I share our journey through the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. Our family of 6 spent 3 years on Baby Step 2, paying off over $77,000 of consumer debt, mostly on a single income. We are currently on Baby Step 6, paying off our mortgage, and I love sharing our experience through each step. I'm a real mom, a real wife, and as a 2nd grade teacher, it's my passion to teach others about something that has changed our lives for the better.


Most of us might know WHAT to do to pay off debt and reach financial goals, but many of us struggle with the HOW. We know we need to make a budget and live below our means, but how do you do that when money is already tight and you are living paycheck to paycheck? Through my DKM Instagram and YouTube channel, I try to show people HOW we were able to pay off debt, HOW we save money, HOW we cut expenses, HOW we budget, HOW we use cash envelopes, HOW we are setting financial goals and achieving them, and HOW I practice contentment and seek joy through it all. That's my just show you how we are doing it. It's not how everyone will do it, but it's what works for us.

By sharing our story, it is my hope that some part of it will resonate with you, encourage you, and provide you with hope. Our debt-free journey was the HARDEST thing we have done, but we did it. We didn't let being a one income family or having 4 kids stop us. We just figured it out, because we were determined to change our family tree. And it's empowering. And you can do it, too.

My Most Popular Videos on YouTube
Painted Branch
Zero Food Waste Meal Planning

The 4-step method I use to save THOUSANDS on groceries for my family of six.

Our Cash Envelope System

See how my husband and I make cash envelopes work in order to stay on budget and save money!

“Your journey has been so inspirational to me. Our family started our journey this month and we take a lot of information and inspiration from your posts. Thank you!” Kimberly S.

Cut the Budget!!!

What we cut from the budget in order to STOP living paycheck to paycheck and start our debt snowball while on a single income.

“Hands down the most helpful meal planning YouTube video out there! Thanks for sharing and thanks for inspiring me to keep going on my debt free journey.” Andrea J.