With a focus on reducing food waste, using up leftovers, and saving big time at the grocery store, I have created this e-book with 26 of our family's favorite tried-and-true recipes. Also included is two weeks of dinner meal plans, freezer and food storage tips, zero food waste tips, and a food re-purposing glossary so you can see exactly how every recipe will help you to intentionally eat what you have while at the same time eating well.


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As a busy working mom of four, my recipes are always quick and easy. I focus on cooking with inexpensive, real, and simple ingredients and using leftovers in new creative ways. This method of cooking, and the recipes in the pages of this book, is how our family cut our grocery bill in half and dug our way out of massive consumer debt. Today we are debt free and achieving huge financial goals. Discovering how to cook and eat well on a budget was one of the greatest gifts of our debt free journey, and I am honored to share what I've learned with you!



Sharing Our Story to Inspire and Encourage Others on the
Debt Free Journey
Painted Branch

Welcome to our story! We spent 3 years on a debt free journey and our family became DEBT FREE in December 2018!


We paid off over $77,000 of consumer while raising 4 small kids, mostly on a single income. We hit our financial rock bottom during a Christmas vacation, after a sleazy time share sales pitch, and a text message telling us we maxed out our last credit card. On the outside, that vacation gave us some great pictures for Facebook. But behind the scenes, we were drowning in debt payments, living paycheck to paycheck, and so stressed we couldn't sleep at night.


We started Financial Peace University just a few weeks later, and that is where we discovered the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. It gave us a solid plan for getting out of debt. For 3 years we sacrificed and fought along a debt-free journey. We fought to live frugally and stick to a budget, to find contentment and resist temptation in a culture that promotes debt and consumerism. We fought for our joy, and for our 4 babies. We fought for our family’s future. And ya'll, it was worth it. Today we sleep easy, free from the ball and chain of debt.


We've been documenting our journey to Financial Peace since 2017 in an effort to stay motivated and encourage others in their own journey. We are currently on Baby Step 6, paying off our mortgage, and we continue to take our amazing community on Instagram and YouTube along for the ride.

This is our story, and I hope it will encourage you to write yours.